A People-First Mindset Always Wins The Race

by Todd J. Fisher, Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Technological innovation continues to accelerate exponentially. Early adopters and entrepreneurs mesmerized by shiny new technologies crank out myriad new products and services in a mad dash to extract value from the flow of new tech. The race to monetize tech-fueled change is chaotic and the swirl it creates is counter-productive, inefficient, and wasteful. With a shiny new tech myopathy, racers have no sense of the course's length and terrain, because they haven’t asked the right questions of those who know - the audience.

When shiny new technology is the focus, people pay a price. The once shiny new technology is tarnished until innovators come along and remove the tarnish using a "people-first" mindset.

The best innovation flows from creatively combining new technologies, deep domain expertise, and an understanding of human behavior to deliver solutions designed to be woven into the fabric of human experience - mass customized and deployed to serve individuals, each in the context of their unique life experience. To know your audience is to know where the magic is found.

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