AI in Customer Service: What’s Happening

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Generative AI is replacing customer service professionals, as it improves and becomes more able to respond to customer needs. For so long, there have been barriers: chat bots struggle with nuance, making it more annoying to get questions answered quickly, while waiting for a real-live customer service representative is just something we don’t want to spend the time on. But, with advancements in generative AI, we’re finding that automated customer service is actually working. What does that mean for the professionals - the real people - in customer service? Are their jobs at risk?

Maybe. But, it’s more complex than just that. 

Zooming out, it means that we have to reimagine the ways we use AI, in conjunction with trained professionals, who have an understanding of the nuance around the human experience, and have skill sets that AI is not able to mimic. For example, entirely new professional roles are popping up, as a means to effectively infuse AI into our existing structures, without derailing what currently exists and works.  But, it also means that, as working professionals, we have to consider the ways in which we can expand our capabilities, skill sets, and understanding of the market, so that we can stay ahead of AI: we want to use AI, not let the AI replace us. 

And that is the very level of insight the Intraprise Team offers. Together, let's transform industries.

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