AI: What’s Coming in the New Year?

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, December 5, 2023

On the Intraprise Knowledge Exchange, we often discuss how rapidly change cycles, emphasizing the disruptive nature of such rapid change. It’s true - as the pace of technological advancement increases, we notice that it can feel impossible to even adjust to the growing pains before we’re on to the next thing. And, with AI - a red-hot tech topic growing exponentially in popularity and accessibility - we are seeing and feeling those growing pains as we move into our uncharted tech territory.

In his October TechBrew article, Patrick Kulp looks into the future of AI, anticipating a slow in the advancement of AI popularity; with such rapid change in new technology, he suspects, it seems that we collectively will find a need to take a moment away from AI. We’ll have to get off of the proverbial train, to see where it’s headed, how quickly, and at what cost. 

Read the full TechBrew article, for more on the future of AI.

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