Mid-Year, Our Message Remains the Same: Change is Rapid, But You Can Keep Pace

by Megan Fisher, Tuesday, May 30, 2023

At the end of 2022, we pressed pause to think back on our messaging, common throughout our posts on this Knowledge Exchange. What became abundantly clear was that our research led us to consistently focus on the speed and magnitude of change.

Back in December, we took this stance, and stand by it, still: the greatest challenge leaders and strategists face is keeping pace with and adapting to continuous, rapid change. Creative destruction is not just some academic lesson taught in economics classes.  It is a very real threat to the continued viability of organizations of all types and sizes and spans across all industries.  In hindsight, the Blockbusters of the world seem obvious. We cannot undo what wasn't done with the benefit of hindsight. And, those most able to adapt will have the ability to respond nimbly and continuously.

With so much change coming so fast, what is the best way to leverage the latest relevant technologies most cost effectively and remain scalable and extensible? That depends. Intraprise’s team of skilled technologists can help your team determine which moves to make, to compete in our digital world. 

As 2023 rages on, so too does the rapid rate of change and digital disruption. Let us help you keep pace. You can find us here.

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