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Updated: July 21, 2021

Welcome to our SynapsysDX Knowledge Exchange, a destination for professionally researched and curated content, alongside our own insights. We are in the midst of a substantial paradigm shift; innovative disruption is fueling progress and continuous change at an unprecedented rate. Come with us on our journey to understand and respond to such rapid change.

Media is changing - 7 predictions.

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Delivered in 2016, BI's Ignition conference offers key takeaways regarding the future of media. This article offers concise predictions about upcoming changes in media and society. Did they get it right?

Were the predictions close?

What is digital transformation?

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A current piece that discusses five steps companies can implement to mitigate challenges associated with digital transformation. The more holistic perspective offered here, but often lacking in other pieces, references changing skill set requirements and the importance of adaptability.

More holistic than other pieces - worth the time.

Digital is going fast.

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This piece offers familiar advice. We must understand the past to anticipate what is to come. New products and platforms make space for new cycles of innovation, all of which tend to follow a similar cycle and extrapolate from current technologies.

As you read this piece, beware of a common tendency to underestimate the rate of change. Cycles don't look like cycles anymore. Digital has changed everything, inlcuding the nature of change.

Helpful and worth the time.

Creating a data-driven organization.

Becoming a data driven enterprise

This piece by MIT (AWS-sponsored) discusses what it takes to build a sound data strategy. Data science and analytics coupled with high performance cloud computing form the foundation for hyper-adaptive organizations. When discussing big data processing and HPC in the cloud, MIT and AWS, (sponsored or not) should not be overlooked.


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