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Our beliefs

To improve health outcomes and healthcare economics, we must consider more than specific diseases, treatments, and even more than the person. We must engage people as individuals in the context of their communities—their world.

  • Healthcare is undergoing a major paradigm shift from a culture of treatment to a culture of prevention.
  • Exponential growth in health, wellness, and behavior data, fueled by connected clinical and non-clinical wearables, is generating greater and more diverse demand for that data.
  • Health data is imbued with intrinsic value, the whole of which is much greater than the sum of the parts.
  • Even with the global reach of the Internet, care happens in the context of a person's community.

Healthcare as a cohesive ecosystem

Today’s care participants, including providers, payers and life sciences companies, operate as islands, but they need to function as a cohesive system in order to drive down the costs of care while improving outcomes.  The government’s forced sharing of clinical data is necessary but not sufficient to dramatically improve patient outcomes.  True interoperability encompasses more than just data.

Intraprise Healthcare believes in the power of the Healthcare Honeycomb Ecosystem (H2e).  Next generation healthcare ecosystems must be fortified structures aligned in business goals and galvanized by the mission of improving patient care and the economics of care delivery.


Our approach

Intraprise Healthcare team members are thought leaders with a proven track record of customer-focused, results-oriented execution, in particular in the domains of interoperability, care coordination, alignment strategies and the application of next generation behavior analytics.

Our leaders have deep experience in healthcare technology leadership and have  designed and implemented systems to provide efficient interoperability and care coordination. Our management team founded an industry leading Health Information Exchange (HIE) that earned an unprecedented reputation for customer satisfaction and was top-ranked by KLAS for two-years while under our leadership.


Our offerings

Strategic Advisory Services

Our Strategic Advisory Services focus on challenges and emerging trends in the economics and delivery of healthcare. We consult with providers, payers and employers, life sciences companies, and healthcare products and services companies interested in interoperability, patient engagement and strategic opportunities.

Strategic Advisory Services

  • Interoperability strategy and architectural direction
  • Market analysis and opportunity assessment
  • Deployment and adoption strategy
  • Product and service evolution
  • Corporate development strategy
  • Inter-company networking and distribution opportunities
  • Strategic partnership development
  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence


  • Care coordination and population health
  • Provider and Patient engagement
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Privacy, security, and consent management
  • Patient identity management
  • HIT market trends

Software Engineering Services

Our Software Engineering Services complement our strategic advisory services by providing resources and expertise that allow our customers to capitalize on opportunities requiring information technology. Intraprise Healthcare is focused on building software solutions that help healthcare providers, payers, and life sciences companies gain speed and efficacy in sharing data and connecting with their communities.

Intraprise Solutions has a rich history of deploying agile solutions that address sophisticated challenges involving interoperability, care coordination, integration of disparate systems, and legacy system transformation.

Our A-teams of technologists are experts in healthcare data standards and leading edge technologies such as high performance computing (including grid and cloud computing) and next generation behavioral analytics (including tailored sentiment analysis).

Intraprise Healthcare thrives on creating value for our customers. We will expertly guide your business to the most fruitful opportunities and commit ourselves to helping you seize them.